JOHANNESBURG TEEN PHOTOGRAPHER | My baby sister – sweet 16

Johannesburg teen photographer


Today, my little sister turned 16. It amazes me to think that 16 years ago today, I met her for the first time and thought she was the ugliest thing I had ever seen – she was pink, squishy and had so much hair (little did I know that all newborn babies are generally pretty squishy!)

I looked at her today, and was so proud to see her as she is now – a young adult. A beautiful, vivacious woman, full of confidence and intelligent to boot.

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favourite photo

Today, I’m going to show you my most favourite photo EVER of mine.

Okay, I am lying. I’m going to show you more than one. How am I supposed to narrow it down?!

Before I show you my favourite images, let’s take a quick look at what seperates a GOOD photograph from a GREAT photograph for me.

Use of lighting, composition, colour and focus. Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t get all of these right every single time. In fact, I probably only have a hit ratio of about 40%, if that much. Granted, photography is about continually growing, striving, learning. But I am pretty hard on myself (my own worst critic) so if I don’t hit all 4 of those important points, I normally trash the image. Except….

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JOHANNESBURG PHOTOGRAPHER | 30 Day Challenge – Days 6-10

30 day challenge

We are onto days’ 6-10 of the 30 Day Challenge that I am participating in this month with a group of extremely talented photographers from around the world.

Last week I blogged days’ 1-5 of this challenge (you can see those images HERE.)

I find that the most difficult part of each day’s challenge is making the time to shoot something that is related to the theme. Also, thinking out the box and being creative doesn’t always come naturally 😉

Don’t forget to check back in next week when I will be blogging days’ 11-15 of this challenge!

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JOHANNESBURG PHOTOGRAPHER | 30 Day Challenge – Days 1-5

30 day challenge


What better way to start off 2013 than with another 30 day challenge to get the creative juices flowing?!

One of my New Years resolutions for 2013 is that I am going to try push myself more, shoot more for myself and really step out of my comfort zone – I am hoping that this 30 day challenge will help me do just that.

You might remember the 30 day challenge I participated in last year August (see it HERE). I said it then and I will say it now – doing something like this really forces you to think outside the box and pushes your creative boundries. I would recommend that every photographer do a 30 day challenge – whether you are an amateur or a seasoned professional, it really is worth doing.

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JOHANNESBURG PHOTOGRAPHER | And these are a few of my favourite things {December 2012}

favourite things



Haven’t we met yet?? Allow me to introduce myself…


Wow, what a year 2012 was, especially when it comes to capturing my favourite things! Often, going out and just photographing “random” things allowed me to learn, play and really view everything differently.

We’re really hitting summer up in a big time now – every day starts off unbearably hot with late afternoon showers that you would THINK would cool things down. Nope. As I am sitting typing this up (nearly 12am), it is still so hot that the aircon is going. Also, I am sitting here with a fly swatter in my hands to ward off the mosquitoes. I have a hate/hate relationship with them.

The bonus about summer is that the rains bring all kinds of wonderful creatures and plants. I love heading out to the garden and just viewing everything through my lens.

Oh, another thing I love about summer? The light. The late afternoon light is so yummy!

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JOHANNESBURG PHOTOGRAPHER | My failed pet portraits

failed pet portrait

This week, I am blogging with my fellow bloggers about our pet portraits. Except, mine aren’t so great. Well, I don’t really have any at all actually. You see, my pets (and there are a lot of them – 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 goldfish) are not the best models when I get my camera out.

I wanted to get some really cute shots. You know, the adorable ones where the cat is purring / smiling into the camera. Or the ones where the dog’s head is cocked to the side and looking so adorable. Yeh…. obviously my pets failed to get THAT memo.

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It’s Tuesday!! That means that I blog about a common theme with four other extremely talented photographers and this week’s theme is black and white.

I decided to share some of my favourite black and white photographs that I have taken – I like my black and white conversions to be clean and crisp, with true blacks and whites (nothing worse than seeing a gray looking conversion!)

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grey colour palette

Yes, you read that right – tickle me grey!

I love greys. And browns. The neutral colours just “do it” for me. You can probably guess that my closet is filled with all shades of greys, silvers, browns, creams, khaki, white and black (boring, huh? LOL). I do have loads of brighter, more colourful items of clothing that I pair up with my neutral clothes – I am fun too 😉

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For the first time, I got to play around a macro lens and I completely fell in love! I used a 100mm 2.8 canon macro lens and it is officially on my WANT list. The bokeh is absolutely dreamy and this lens is super sharp. I wanted to shoot something really really REALLY interesting for today’s post and was trying to think of macro photography ideas, so thought long and hard and eventually decided on some bubbly fruit (if you are wanting to try this yourself, you can check out the iheartfaces tutorial here).

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I was SO excited for this week’s Tuesday post – VINTAGE!!

After doing a bit of research (gotta love Google, right?) I determined that “Vintage” is most often used when referring to items between 50-100 year’s old (anything older is more than likely antique).

Going through my Dad’s workroom/garage is like being in Aladdin’s cave. It’s not filled with gold, or jewels, or fine pottery, but it is filled with incredible objects of interest which suit today’s post perfectly.

I selected only a few things to share with you today, but these are each so special.

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This week’s theme that I am sharing with 4 of my blogger friends is DIY. If you saw my weekly challenge last week on tools, you’ll have picked up that I am not a huge DIY fan (or rather, using tools in general!)

So this past week was… interesting, to say the least! I first had to decide what DIY project I wanted to tackle (something that wouldn’t take a lot of time, as I was planning my husband and HRH’s joint birthday party too!), then I actually had to do it – not an easy task with the horrendous rainy weather we have been experiencing here lately!

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