reflection in puddle

Wow, it’s been quite a week here weather wise!! Storms during spring/summer come with the territory when you live on the Highveld, but this week has just been one storm after another, including a severe hailstorm with hailstones larger than golf balls (with two smashed car windscreens and a smashed dining room window later, we were lucky to get away with minimal damage!)

Don’t get me wrong – I love rain. I really do. I love the sound of it (I covered that in my last post!), I love the smell of it and I absolutely adore warm rain. Saturday was a day for warm rain, so I headed out when the rain abated and took a couple of photographs (well, I AMm a photographer – normal people would have jumped in the puddles, but for me, my camera wins hands down, every time haha!)

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I am SO excited that summer is practically here!! I love being able to wake up and not feel the need to snuggle deeper into my duvets. I don’t need hot water bottles anymore. I don’t need to wear layers upon layers of clothing.

Also (and this is entirely from a mother’s point of view!), the washing work load is less!

It’s time to stock up on summer dresses, suntan lotion, sarongs and straw hats (I promise myself that this year, I will make the effort to get one!)

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This is my guilty pleasure…

If you know me well, then you will know that Jelly BellyJelly Beans are quite easily one of my favourite things in the world. I hate sharing them (I admit that openly)  and consider jellybeans to be the one thing that is my guilty pleasure. I love how accurate the flavours are, the way every single taste bud tingles with each flavour.

As with anything, I have my favourite flavours (tuttii fruitii, bubblegum, green apple, roasted marshmallow) and flavours I don’t like (liquorice, cinnamon, caramel apple).
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johanesburg charity photographer
I was so proud to be a part of this amazing (life changing) experience.

Kitty & Puppy Haven are a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing and improving the lives of unwanted, abused and neglected dogs and cats.

A couple of times a year, they make their presence felt in Alexandra township by spending a day there, vaccinating animals, handing out veterinary approved food, deworming and defleaing, providing residents with collars and leashes, on the spot veterinary care if necessary and educating residents on how to care for their pets.
They do all of this.

For free.

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Meanwhile, in Africa… it snowed.

I live in South Africa. Moderately warm climates and even our winters are relatively mild compared to many other countries. Especially up here on the Highveld where I live, we seldom experience major weather phenomenons.
Today, though, something rare happened.
It snowed.
In the last 103 years, there have only been 22 other days of snowfall in Johannesburg.
That makes today pretty darn special as far as history goes, because today was also the heaviest snowfall since 1981!
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