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First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Over the 2013 festive season, I decided to spend the holidays “unplugged”. I spent time with family, with my husband and with my daughter. I seldom sat down in front of the computer and only used my phone for phoning (*gasp* the horror! 😉 )

With a very crazy end of year behind me (hence the lack of blogging), I’ll be spending the next few weeks attached to my laptop, editing like mad! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of blogging and share some amazing recent sessions with you.

To start my 2014 blogging off, I thought it was time to write my daughter another letter. Thanks for stopping by!

If you are my friend on facebook, you will see that every month, I post the most recent images of my little girl. If you follow my blog posts, you’ll know that she is fondly referred to as HRH (Her Royal Highness).  So I have decided to transfer some of these monthly images to the blog, along with letters to my daughter. I know I’m letting you peek into my life more so than normal. I know that you will see my emotions transcribed to words. I’m okay with that. I WANT to share this incredible little girl with you. She is my life. She is my heart. And now she is about to touch yours.

Dear HRH,

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last wrote to you, and so much has happened since. We celebrated your third birthday and Daddy’s thirty third, you are now completely potty trained, you got your first pet(s) and you talk ALL THE TIME. You have also developed a serious love for putt putt!

johannesburg child photographer

Your two favourite playmates!

cute kittens

johannesburg photographer

You were a flower girl for the first time, met your Uncle Pasha from England (and he fondly refers to you as PooPoo Pants – you met him before you completely potty trained!) and finally started sleeping in your own bed. I miss you at nights – I often check on you at least three times before I go to bed, and have to fight the urge to crawl into your bed with you just to hold you close while you dream. You’re sleeping through the night now, which means I am too (finally! After three years!). You are still breastfeeding, with no signs of stopping soon.

johannesburg wedding photographer

johannesburg photographer

Today, you went back to school. I really miss you, even though I was so glad you went – you are so incredibly demanding, it is exhausting. Your teacher says you are the quietest and most polite child in the class. How is that even possible!? When you are at home, you squeal and talk for hours on end. You have recently started asking WHY to everything we say. Also, you now call us Mom and Dad. This makes me a little bit sad – I still want you to call us Mommy and Daddy for a little while longer. Also, for a three year old, your vocabulary is quite impressive – even more so considering how long it took you to start talking. You regularly use words like difficult, serious and impossible, in your everyday conversation. You question everything.  You have this insatiable desire to know WHAT things are and WHY they are the way they are.

johannesburg child photographer

Sometimes, you scare me. You look at me with your old soul eyes and I just wish that I could protect you forever. It’s a struggle, everyday, to try and teach you that the world is not always good and kind and fair. But it’s not bad and cruel all the time either. Finding a balance, a middle ground, is sometimes my biggest challenge with you. I want to smother you with love and give you everything that makes you happy. But I also want to teach you to be considerate of others, to respect other people and your belongings. I want to teach you to be responsible and that your choices have consequences, both good and bad.

Some days, I feel like we’ve achieved this – all this and more. And other days? I just feel like a failure. These are normally the days where you refuse to do what I have asked you, or you have deliberately been naughty and I have had to punish you. I often forget to remind myself that this is normal – your behaviour is normal. You are independent, you are feisty, you refuse to follow instructions without understanding why you are required to do something. You have always been such a serious child, but as you get older, you are opening up more and more – your free spirit is starting to shine through. I foresee many fights between us in your teenage years!

johannesburg child photographer

I’m counting down the hours now for me to go and collect you from school. I cannot believe how much I miss your boisterous presence in the house!

Don’t forget – you are my favourite, and never stop telling me that I am your best friend.

Love you to the moon and back <3


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  1. I LOVE this post. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I remember when my child – who will turn 19 on Friday was this age. Hold her close because the years fly by SO very fast. I wish I had thought to do this when she was younger. What an awesome gift to give your baby – and she will ALWAYS be your baby.

  2. I am in tears :). Our girls are almost the same age and I get it. I can totally feel the love you have for her. I just loved this post so much! She’s perfect!

  3. What a wonderful collection of images! I especially love the ‘puddle’ sequence and the one of your daughter and husband at their annual cake smash is simply darling!

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