I am SO excited that summer is practically here!! I love being able to wake up and not feel the need to snuggle deeper into my duvets. I don’t need hot water bottles anymore. I don’t need to wear layers upon layers of clothing.

Also (and this is entirely from a mother’s point of view!), the washing work load is less!

It’s time to stock up on summer dresses, suntan lotion, sarongs and straw hats (I promise myself that this year, I will make the effort to get one!)

Let’s not forget though, that up here on the Highveld, summer also means thunderstorms. Which is perfectly fine by me – I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain. This year, I might even try work up the courage to capture some lightning strikes! I’m specifically looking forward to taking my little girl out after a storm and letting her jump in the puddles (NOTE TO SELF: purchase gumboots for the family!).

My daughter is through and through a water baby – it’s a battle every day to get her out of the dogs water bowl/cats water bowl/switching the shower on/running the bath. She would happily play in water all day long if I let her. Now that summer is here – I can!!

On one of our first really warm days a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out “The Bathtub” – so named because when I was pregnant, my dad passed this tub down to me. It was his when he was a baby – 60 years ago! We re-enameled it and now that my daughter is too big to bath in it, we use it as a small splash bath.

Here she is, last summer (a week out from being exactly a year ago) and then in “The Bathtub” again a couple of weeks ago:

In case you were wondering where my little girl got her love of water from (it sure as heck isn’t me!!), here is a photo of her uncle and dad messing about in the pool from last weekend (they do this several times every summer).

Lastly, one of my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE things about summer, is the seasonal fruit. Mangos. Litchis. Watermelon. Nectarines. Plums. Watermelon. Strawberries. Pineapples. Grapes. Watermelon (can you tell I love watermelon?!)

On the opposite side of the world in Washington, my good friend and fellow photographer Ally Davis blogged about the season she’s in now too – check it out over here!

Thanks for looking – chat soon!

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  1. Wow, what a change in those bathtub shots! It’s always sort of fascinating to me to read posts from other ends of the globe; here we are in the U.S. excited about the end of summer, and you’re getting amped up for it. :) Good luck on the lightening strikes!!

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