johannesburg family photographer


I absolutely love it when my clients go to the extra effort in choosing outfits and bringing props for their photo shoots and it definitely doesn’t hurt when the children are extra cute too! I love the blue and read co-ordinating colour theme – doesn’t it look super?

See, told you they are super cute :)

Johannesburg child photographer


This is probably one of my FAVOURITE mother/daughter portraits of all time.

johannesburg family photographer


Of course, we had to sneak some shots of mom and dad in there – they are such incredible parents too!

johannesburg family photographer


I loved the balloons that mom brought with <3

johannesburg family photographer


With that pretty skirt, we had to do some twirls (I am not sure who enjoyed them more – the little girl or me!)

johannesburg family photographer


I love serious quiet moments with children – in between all the running and playing and general rambunctiousness, their 5 seconds of down time is always such a treat to capture.

johannesburg family photographer


The whole beautiful family together.

johannesburg family photographer


The boys together!

johannesburg child photographer



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