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Welcome to Stylin’ Sunday, where I will share with you what I think will look good for your photo shoot! Remember that these are only my own opinions – of course, our tastes will differ, but this is just a rough guideline to give you an idea of what colours complement each other and what styles look great in photos.  Something important to take into consideration is the feel you are wanting to achieve in your images – are we going edgy and urban? Are you more the soft and romantic type? Or perhaps you would prefer something timeless and stylish.  You can browse through my Pintrest Board where every edition of Stylin’ Sunday will be posted for you to draw inspiration from. Please pay attention to your choice of wardrobe for your photo shoot as well as your accessories; your outfits are extremely important. However, the most important thing is for you to be comfortable with what you are wearing as we want your outfit choices to reflect who you are – if you feel awkward on the day of your photo shoot, this will reflect in your images.

Still unsure about what you want to wear?  Drop me an email at  and I’ll gladly help you find something that will be perfect for you!

I love maternity shoots. I love showcasing how incredibly beautiful and magical a woman is during this short time. Every baby bump is perfect to me. If you are wanting to get a maternity shoot done, try have it done between 32-36 weeks. This will make sure that you are not too uncomfortable and don’t tire too easily during the shoot as opposed to having your photo shoot closer towards the end of your pregnancy.

For your shoot, pick a couple of outfits that you love, that make you feel good. Tighter fitting tops to show off our bump are ideal. We’ll also do the bare belly shots with fabric wraps around you before we start with the outfit selection. If your other half is joining us for the shoot, please try ensure that they are not wearing outfits that clash with yours.

chic maternity

Let’s meet for coffee. Tell me what you envision, share your ideas with me, let’s get to know each other. We will work together to make your photo shoot unforgettable.


Not what you are looking for? Don’t forget to head on over to my Stylin’ Sunday Pintrest board – there is something there for everyone!


Chat soon!

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