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My wonderful blogging group and I have decided to move our weekly blog posts from Tuesday’s to Thursdays, so make sure to come back every Thursday to see what we are blogging about!

This week’s theme is “3 random facts”. Talk about a tough topic! I wondered what on earth I could blog about. Then, while going through some of our holiday photos from March in St Lucia, I decided to share some of the animal images with you, and give you some fun facts about each one!

First up is the crocodile. We visited the Crocodile Park and oooh’d and ahhh’d over this amazing reptile. I remember not been able to get the crocodile song out of my head! (Never smile at Mr Crocodile, no you can’t get friendly with a crocodile)

Johannesburg photographer

 3 random facts!! about crocodiles:

  • A crocodile can’t move its tongue and cannot chew. However, its digestive juices are so strong that it can digest a steel nail.
  • When crocodiles sit on river banks with their mouths opens, it’s not aggression. They’re trying to cool off as they sweat through their mouths.
  • “Crying crocodile tears” – displaying fake sadness – comes from the myth that the reptiles weep when eating humans. They do wipe their eyes when feeding, but only because their eyes bubble and froth when eating.

For a giggle: This sign was at the entrance to the Crocodile park, warning visitors to be careful on the ramps!



Next up is these little vervet monkeys that roamed all over the place.

johannesburg photographer

 3 random facts!! about vervet monkeys:

  •  Young vervets can be mischievous and purposefully give wrong calls and wait and watch how the adults will respond to such behavior! Female monkeys are known to discipline the young ones for such conduct.
  • Vervet monkeys are very good swimmers.
  • They are hunted for bushmeat and are used in laboratory and biomedical research, the tissue of vervets is used to prepare polio vaccines.

Lastly, the hippo. Funny story here – one of the nights we were staying in St Lucia, we were driving back from the restaurant and all of a sudden, OUT OF NOWHERE, a hippo appeared! Right there, in the middle of the road at 9pm, it was ambling along. In the streets of the town! Amazing or what :)

johannesburg photographer

3 random facts!! about hippos:

  •  The name “hippopotamus” was derived from Greek, and literally means “water horse”.
  • Hippos are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are the third largest mammal, weigh up to 3 tonnes and can outrun a human.
  • Hippos milk is PINK! This is caused by Hipposudoric acid – hippos can’t sweat, so they secrete a reddish acid which layers and protects their skin, minimizing bacterial growth as well as acting as a sunscreen. As a result, these acids mix with the milk, which turns pink. One glass of hippos milk contains 500 calories!

I hope you have learnt something new today 😉 lets head on over to the talented Huong Forrest to see what 3 random facts she is sharing with us this week!

Thanks for looking – chat soon!


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  1. Oh my gosh!!! What a really fun post and I smiled reading it all! I definitely learned great new facts today (yes, random), but entertaining nonetheless. I’m sure they will stick with me forever now…as most random facts normally do! LOL!

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