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my own advice


I’ve often thought that I should take my own advice. In fact, I still think that pretty often. So when we decided this week to blog about the advice we would give our twenty year old self, about a hundred different bits of advice came to mind in less than five seconds!! :)

I’ve narrowed it down though, to just a few pearls of wisdom that I wish I had known then (or at least adhered to, some of it being my mother’s sage advice!)

These are all photos that were taken when I was twenty – I enjoyed going through the old photos and remembering some really amazing times! Admittedly, it wasn’t too long ago (six years, to be precise) but it seems like a whole other lifetime now.

When I was twenty, I lived in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Cape Town. Instead of appreciating the rich cultural city I was privileged to live in, I chose to work.

I worked constantly – I was the first at the office every morning and the last to leave in the evenings. I took work home, I worked over weekends, I worked all.the.time. For what? I was twenty for goodness sake!! I had huge ambitions of having a high profile corporate career. Looking back, I wish I had worked less.

my own advice

 I should have travelled more.

my own advice

I do not love the beach. I don’t even particularly like it. But now that it is no longer close by, I miss it. Crazy, right? I would have gone to the beach more.

my own advice

BUT I really REALLY wish I had listened to my mother’s advice and regularly applied sunblock. I am certain that I done irreversible damage to my skin, judging by the amount of freckles I have.

See that lobster red skin? Yeh…. I wasn’t so smart.

my own advice

Lastly, I wish I had realised how important family is. This is my biological father.

my own advice

I can’t change the silly things I did when I was twenty. And that’s not such a bad thing either I suppose – we are who we are because of our experiences. Hopefully my own daughter will listen to my advice when she is older 😉

Want to see what advice my amazing blogger and photographer friend, Tara Colburn, would give her twenty year old self? You can see her advice to herself HERE!

Thanks for looking – chat soon!


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  1. I remember when i was 16 i had the opportunity to go to Paris…. DUH. What 16 yr old leaves her friends and boyfriend for 3 weeks? Definitely advice i would (AND WILL – im 32 weeks preggo with my daughter)give my daughter when she is a teenager.

  2. I think all of us have something they’d like to say to their 20 year old self. I have 2 20-something year old “selfs” who roll their eyes at me . . . they’re great guys but . . . they’re 20-something. (If you wanna say something to my eldest, he’s 24 . . today.)

  3. Ahh yes, sun block. I remember early in my teens slathering on suntan OIL with a whopping SPF of 4. GAH. At this point in my life, we slather on the sunSCREEN with the SPF of 30+. And my girls are learning early how to care for their skin in the sun, too. :)

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