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composition - fibonacci's ratio


Just about every photographer will tell you that there are a few major components that make an image go from good to great to wow.

One of these is composition. It is very difficult to describe what composition is if you have no idea what role it plays in photography. Most photography sites/forums/blogs I have seen tend to use the Rule of Thirds when discussing composition. While I use the Rule of Thirds too, I find myself gravitating more towards Fibonacci’s Ratio (the Golden Mean).

When I first started learning about composition, I tried my utmost to compose in camera (failing more often than not!) and would spend ages analysing my images, cropping in different ways to achieve the look I wanted that was in line with the Golden Mean.

Then, I read an extract from a photography forum which said:

“Composition should be done with purpose. It means nothing to just photograph a person on the left or right hand side of the frame and have them surrounded by nothing that adds to the image.”

That was one of the moments in my photography journey that made me go – AHA.

From then on, I shot with purpose. I incorporated leading lines, patterns, textures, shapes, anything and everything while still composing with the Golden Mean in mind. After loads of practise, I rarely crop in photoshop anymore :)

Here are a couple of examples with a Golden Mean overlay.

(yes, I know you have seen this photo a hundred times before on my blog, but man oh man is it my all time favourite! 😉 )

composition - fibonaccis ratio


And another.

composition - fibonacci's ratio

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not knocking the Rule of Thirds. I just prefer the Golden Mean and find that composing with that in mind suits my style of shooting more.

Do you have a preferred method of composition that you use? I’d love to hear which one and why!

Go see what my blogger and photographer friend Sarah from Sarah Edgar Photography has to say on composition :)

Thanks for looking – chat soon!


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