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Winter is my least favourite season. I dislike the cold. I dislike how dry our Highveld air becomes. I dislike how bare and barren the fields are, the trees, the parks. The grass dies off and sticks to your clothing.So when I saw that this weeks blog ring topic was “Favourite Summertime Activities”, I turned green with envy! I am the only blogger in our blog ring that lives in the Southern hemisphere and is currently in the middle of winter. All my blogging ladies are in the height of summer and no doubt loving it!

So what the heck was I going to blog about? My favourite summertime activities include laying under a ceiling fan, splashing in shallow pools with my daughter and watching the stars at night. None of which I have a photo of :/

I do love summer for taking photos though. I love dressing my daughter up in cute summer dresses.

johannesburg photographer

I love the cosmos fields.

johannesburg photographer

I love love LOVE the clouds in summer, especially the storm clouds.

johannesburg photographer

Lastly, I adore summer light. It’s warm, and lovely, and just scrumptious.

johannesburg photographer

So after having spent the last few months huddling for warmth and dealing with my sick family constantly (especially my little girl – poor thing has not had a good winter :( ), I am so ready to bring on the summer!

Let’s see what summer time activity Karen is blogging about!

Thanks for looking – chat soon!


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