Autumn Couple Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous couple a few weeks ago – and when I say gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS. Both of them totally natural in front of the camera!

We started out with some more formal indoor portraits and then headed out to a nearby park for some casual shots.

{To view the larger image, click on the image once :) }

*sigh* Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Chat soon!

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Weekly Challenge – 3 – Breakfast

And we’re onto week 3!! This week’s theme is BREAKFAST.

I took this shot this morning of our breakfast – freshly baked scones with cheese (yummy!!) and a cup of tea :)

Remember the beautiful symphony amaryllis from week 1’s challenge? I took a photo of it in full bloom this weekend – believe it or not, the flowers are already starting to die.

Next week’s challenge is ICY. In the middle of winter now, that should be a fun challenge!

Chat soon!

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Amongst a lot of the online photography communities I am privileged to be a member of, I have noticed a lot of confusion lately regarding noise in photographs, specifically in relation to exposing correctly – I have seen many people saying that as long as you expose correctly, irrespective of ISO settings, you will get no noise/grain in your images.

(disclaimer: I am by no means any expert, nor do I claim to be. My opinion is given based on my own observations and experience) 

Before I give you my opinion on noise caused by ISO settings, I will give you a brief explanation of ISO as I understand it.

Within your exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), your ISO determines your camera sensor’s sensitivity to available light.

Lower ISO = less sensitivity to light = less noise
Higher ISO = more sensitivity to light = more noise

In order to retain image quality and detail in your image, you should attempt to keep your ISO as low as possible based on your lighting conditions.
Of course, low ISO isn’t the only culprit of creating noisy images. Underexposure also creates noise. It is imperative to understand that in low light situations, there are no solutions to having a noise free images – you will have to compromise somewhere along the way. In order to use a low ISO, you require light to achieve a correct exposure.

Not taking underexposure into consideration, what I want to show you today is the amount of noise generated by the various ISO’s when achieving the correct exposure.

All the below images were taken with my Canon 50mm 1.8, outside using natural light (open shade). I kept my aperture at 2.8 and adjusted my shutter speed each time as I increased my ISO to keep my exposure hovering around +1 (ETTR).

And a comparison of all the 100% crops showing the detail and noise.

By no means is grain completely undesirable. Often it can ‘make’ a photograph – many photographers shoot intentionally at high ISO’s to achieve grain in their images. Others add it in post production.
Some amazing artists who I have seen use intentional grain in their images and incorporate it as part of their style, are Anders Petersen, Erin Watson and Keizo Kitajima.

In closing – even if you are exposing correctly, high ISO’s will still result in noisy/grainy images. I hope the above examples have shown you exactly that.

If you feel my observations are incorrect or you would like to point something out (or even say thanks! :) ) feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a mail.

Thanks for looking, and chat soon!

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Weekly Challenge – 2 – Cold

Hey, I made it to a second week! I’m already planning the third week’s challenge. This has been extremely motivating for me.

This week’s theme was COLD. Of course, my first thought was ice. I mean, ice is cold, right? But how boring would that be. So I have been stumped this week, looking out for something to represent cold.
Sitting outside this (chilly) morning drinking my tea, I thought to myself that I was so glad to get a chance to drink my tea before it got cold. Cold. COLD! Cold tea! That was the beginning of my idea.

So here is the photo for this week’s challenge – making sure my tea doesn’t get cold 😉

If you want to see last week’s challenge – you can see it here.

Chat soon!

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Weekly Challenge – 1 – Newness

I have this fantastic tendency to dive headfirst into a new project with great enthusiasm and then slowly, my interest wanes as time goes on. Taking on a weekly challenge project seems like a great way for me to learn sticking power, as well as challenge myself to be creative and think out the box.

The first weeks theme is NEWNESS. This wasn’t a particularly difficult one – my first thought was the new clothes I bought my baby girl last week. BUT I didn’t think you would want to see that (it’s all pretty boring anyway – mostly pink – as usual).
So instead, I decided to photograph a beautiful Symphony Amaryllis – it is just starting to bloom (new flowers) and the colours are magnificent. I’m looking forward to seeing this beauty in bloom.

According to this website, it should be in full bloom within the next couple of weeks.

Here it is, photograph for this weeks challenge:

Chat soon,

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Lady L {Maternity}

Congratulations to this beautiful mama who gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy last month! She was the epitome of a glowing mom to be.

NOTE: To see the larger image, click on the image once :)

 You can see a couple more from here session here.

Til next time,

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